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Tutorial: Five Cranes Parameters to Know before Buying a Crane

Cranes are used several of industries, such as workshop, steel factory, quarry, yard, etc. Here I am writing a tutorial for all buyers. All buyer should know these before selecting overhead cranes.

How to Choose A Overhead Crane?

Yuntian Crane Group mainly deals in researching, developing and producing the lifting machinery, such as overhead crane, gantry crane, port crane, hoist, work platform, and various parts of cranes.

Which cranes are suitable for workshop operation?

Practical plant cranes are generally bridge cranes, gantry cranes and electric hoists, etc. These lifting equipments are ideal for use in plant lifting operations. Because the space of the factory is narrow and the structure of the factory's own beam can

Things to pay attention to when installing a electric chain hoist

The performance of the electric chain hoist is good, the reliability is high, and the low failure rate is an important reason for most people to choose it. The high performance can ensure the efficiency and safety of the electric chain hoist in operation,

Safety procedures for cranes

Cranes are used to lift heavy objects, so operation safety is very important. If there is a problem in the operation, the result is unimaginable, so whenever the crane operation, we must pay attention to the safety of the operation.

Electric hoist pulley daily inspection and maintenance precautions

The electric hoist lifts the object through the slings composed of pulleys, wire ropes and hooks. Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of the pulley can be strengthened from the following aspects to prevent accidents.

Preparation and precautions for gantry crane before use

The hoisting mechanism, trolley running mechanism and bridge structure of the gantry crane are basically the same as the bridge crane. Due to the large span, the crane operating mechanism mostly adopts separate driving methods to prevent the crane from ru

GB/T 28264-2017 the second propaganda and management meeting of crane safety monitoring and manageme

The second phase of the GB/T 28264-2017 "safety monitoring and management system for crane", hosted by the national Lifting Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, hosted by Dalian University of Technology, was held in Dalian smoothly.

How to determine the damage of the hoist parts and how to adjust

Here is a brief introduction about the damage, adjustment and other related knowledge of the hoist parts for your reference.

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