The difference and use of H-beam and I-beam

It is often asked that I-beams and H-beams have similar shapes. How to choose them in practical applications? Many people who have been engaged in the construction industry for many years cannot elaborate.

Here is a detailed answer for everyone: Many

Working principle of Fixed-column cantilever cranes

Fixed-column cantilever cranes are also called fixed-column cantilever cranes. They are lightweight lifting equipment and are widely used in warehouses to transport goods. Fixed column cantilever cranes can be generally divided into two types: inner han

HBIS produces high-end high-quality mold steel WSM2316, filling the gap

High-end high-quality mold steel WSM2316 has extremely high purity and dense organization, and is suitable for manufacturing molds that are easy to polish to mirror effect, with high requirements on corrosion resistance and polishability; Dievar is a new

What are the characteristics of explosion proof hoist

Explosion-proof hoist is mainly used in coal mines with biogas and other flammable and explosive materials. It is used for underground transportation or auxiliary transportation. So what are the characteristics of explosion-proof hoist? Today I will give

500kg portable mini electric winch delivery to Slovakia

500kg portable mini electric winch equipped with remote control was arranged to delivery by air transport within 7 days after clients' payment.

Important notes during cantilever jib crane installation

Cantilever/jib crane is a kind of lifting and transporting equipment with powerful ability, which is widely used in construction, transportation and other industries. However, no matter how light a cantilever/jib crane is, it is weighted by tonnage, and a

Single girder crane operation precautions and electrical troubleshooting methods

Single girder crane is one of the lifting equipment. When operating, pay attention to ensure that the equipment is complete to work, and no one is allowed to stand next to it. If the electrical appliances of the single girder crane fail, you can take the

Damage Causes of Overhead Crane Wheel

Wheels are important load-bearing components of overhead cranes. Because the wheel runs on the track, it is affected by factors such as the track installation quality and the manufacturing deviation of the wheel itself. Skew and slip will inevitably occu

The installation and maintenance of crane wheels

The travelling wheel’s horizontal deflection value of the crane installation and maintenance operation mechanism is an important technical parameter of the crane. Excessive deflection value will cause the track to run, increase the running resistance, gen

Overhead crane end carriage introduction

Overhead crane is a kind of horizontal frame on the rails at both ends of the plant. The lifting trolley can run along the main beam load. The main beam can run longitudinally along the two sides of the track, and the space below is used to lift materials

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