What are the characteristics of explosion proof hoist

 Explosion-proof hoist is mainly used in coal mines with biogas and other flammable and explosive materials. It is used for underground transportation or auxiliary transportation. So what are the characteristics of explosion-proof hoist? Today I will give you a detailed introduction.


  The characteristics of explosion-proof hoist are as follows:


      1. Good explosion-proof performance, stable low speed and stepless speed regulation performance.


  2. Compact structure, saving infrastructure cost and simple equipment installation. The direct connection structure of the hydraulic motor and the planetary reducer and the planetary reducer and the main shaft device greatly shortens the axial size of the main shaft device. The hydraulic station has a compact structure and is connected to the spindle motor through a pipeline, which can make the main chamber and the pump house chamber small, which can save a lot of infrastructure costs and installation costs.


  3. Safe and reliable, with obvious energy saving effect. The speed regulation of the machine is realized by the hydraulic system. In the decentralized working condition, research is being conducted to put the motor in a braking state to simplify electric control, and the energy saving effect is obvious. The hydraulic system itself has various protection functions such as under pressure, overload, over speed, speed limit, well head deceleration, and over-coil parking. The secondary braking performance is excellent, and the lifting and lowering braking torques can be adjusted separately. It is suitable for the requirements of lifting conditions in inclined shafts, which greatly increases the safety of machine operation.


explosion-proof hoist

  4. The main shaft device adopts the keyless connection of the fixed support wheel and the main shaft interference fit. The brake disc and the reel adopt an assembled structure, and the reel adopts a split or four-lobed structure, which is convenient for underground transportation or installation.


  5. Easy operation and low maintenance cost. Only one hydraulic operating handle is used to control the acceleration, deceleration, forward and reverse and stop of the hoist.


  6. The limb parameters can be changed flexibly, and there is plenty of room for selection. By changing the speed ratio of the planetary reducer and the number of hydraulic motors (quantitative motors, variable motors), the machine can expand its torque and speed range, in order to obtain the best economic and use results, so that those who choose Choose room. Compared with low-speed motors, the machine has large main parameters and high installed power. Through the reasonable matching of variable pumps and variable motors, a reasonable distribution of power for light-load high-speed and heavy-load low-speed operation can be achieved.


  The above is the introduction of the characteristics of explosion-proof hoist. I hope everyone will understand the characteristics of explosion-proof hoist and it will be helpful to everyone.



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