As a company continuing to focus on customers’ needs and carrying out continuous innovation, Henan Yuntian Crane takes the lead in establishing the R&D Center for Crane Design compared with those in the same industry in China, attracts the top-class talents within the industry and has obtained more than 140 patents successively.
Based on introducing and absorbing the design philosophy and manufacturing technology of cranes domestically and overseas, the R&D Center strives to the modification and design of electric hoist, single girder and double girder cranes and launches new products successively, such as the new type crane, trolley (winch type), steel structure design and trolley (new type hoist), etc. (If necessary, the product feature will be performed and showed by pictures and subtitles) The Company also invests a large amount of money in the purchase of more than 1,300 sets (suits) of high-grade, precision and advanced equipments, introduces the weldless cover plate and the production line of one-time forming and slitting line of weldless U-groove, and eventually achieves the automatic production of single beam. Besides, it possesses the leading production line of steel pretreatment, V-method cast steel production line, the production line used for the decoiling, levelling and shearing of large steel, plasma CNC cutting, large-scale floor type borer, CNC gear shaper, vertical machining center and heat treatment CNC quenching machining tool and etc domestically. It also researches and develops double beam and main-beam hydraulic resistance welding machines in the advanced level of China and adopts the automatic systems such as hydraulic pressure and electromagnetism, etc. which all help the company both achieve the weldless double beam plate less than 80t and meet the demand of welding of different height of box beams. It researches and develops the national advanced main beam welding manipulator with Shanghai WTL together (Shanghai WTL Welding Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.), achieving the one-time welding of four main welding lines of the single beam.
According to the requirement of lean production management, Henan Yuntian Crane started and put the automated double beam production project into use and finished the modification of comprehensively mass-produced end beam workshop in 2004. With the cooperation of BMHRI (Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute) and foreign experts, the company optimizes the technological process of double beam production and creatively designs and develops the flexible production mode of “one-piece flow” used for single-beam welding assembly, which not only reduces the production cost, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality.
So far, Henan Yuntian Crane has stepped further towards the world advanced level with regard to the crane manufacturing process technology. At the same time, the European-style crane project with the annual output of 5,000 sets (suits) under the cooperation with Demag Cranes AG will also achieve the full Europeanization of domestic crane, which lays a good foundation for the development, transformation and upgrade of crane industry in Changyuan County.

With leading technological superiority and advanced production equipment, the mechanization and automation degree of Henan Yuntian Crane plays a leading role in the same industry so that the labor intensity is declined by 25%, the energy consumption by 18%, and the welding quantity by 15%, while the metal structure strength is raised by 15%, which forcefully strengthens the reliability and safety factors of products. Meanwhile, it lays a solid foundation for the achievement of the “one-piece flow” for double beam production by increasing the investment of infrastructure construction of plants, completing the eight-bridging workshop with the an area of over 30,000㎡, the six-bridging workshop with the floor area of over 20,000㎡ and the automation three-dimensional storehouse, etc.

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