Nuclear Power

Nuclear power becomes the direction of the world’s future energy development with the low cost, no population, safe and economic advantages. It's a very complex activity to operate nuclear power equipments; it needs to control many different tasks to make sure the nuclear power equipment normal running. So the reliable and safe material handling cranes is particularly important.
In nuclear reactor, we strongly recommend polar crane to shift heavy machinery in the containment dome during construction or devision.
In non-contaminant areas, you could choose LD series light duty EOT crane, QD series heavy duty eot cranes or jib cranes, etc.
Nuclear Power Industry
Safe is the most import factors for nuclear power industry. Our nuclear cranes could unload the cargos in case of power off to reduce the occurrence of any danger.
Nuclear Power Industry
We offer uninterrupted service supports for any clients all over the world making sure the safety of cranes.
Nuclear Power Industry


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Product: Overhead Crane Gantry Crane Port Crane Jib Crane Electric Hoist Spare Crane
Lifting Weight: 1-10t 10-20t 20-50t 100-300t 100-300t 300-600t >600t
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