HBIS produces high-end high-quality mold steel WSM2316, filling the gap

 High-end high-quality mold steel WSM2316 has extremely high purity and dense organization, and is suitable for manufacturing molds that are easy to polish to mirror effect, with high requirements on corrosion resistance and polishability; Dievar is a new type of high-end hot work mold steel with good The ability to resist thermal cracking, thermal wear and plastic deformation has obvious advantages in improving the life of die-casting molds. Its special chemical composition design and new production technology enable it to have both excellent toughness and good thermal strength. It is widely used in Die casting, extrusion, forging and plastic mold.

overhead crane steel

For a long time, domestic steel mills mainly supply high-end high-quality mold steels WSM2316 and Dievar in the form of 600mm wide slats, with a maximum width of 1600mm and products with a width of more than 1600mm are monopolized by foreign companies. For customers with a width of more than 1600mm, the processing utilization rate is higher and the processing cost is lower. Therefore, the market demand is large, but it also places high requirements on production technology.

The high-end high-quality mold steel WSM2316 requires high chromium content and good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Dievar requires excellent toughness and ductility, isotropy, and excellent temper softening resistance, which makes production extremely difficult. Big.

The research and development team of Hesteel Wugang started the process development, strictly controlled the addition of ingredients in the smelting process, and carried out innovative processes in the rolling process to fully release the potential of the equipment. It overcomes the industry problems that it is difficult to guarantee the width and internal quality at the same time, and breaks through the steel plate. The process bottlenecks that are prone to cracks on the surface ensure uniform and stable internal performance of the steel plate, and some of the product's indicators are better than similar foreign steel plates.


Since the beginning of this year, Hegang has focused on the market and products, accelerated the transformation from steel to materials, worked hard to create "single champions" products, and constantly explored the domestic high-end mold steel market.

10In October this year, the first industrialized mass production of H13 wide plate for hot work die steel was achieved in China. Hegang is also the first company in China to successfully develop a hot work die steel H13 steel plate with a width of 2200mm.



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