Sticking to the optimal procurement of raw materials and parts and components globally,Henan Yuntian continues the wide and deep cooperation with well-known transnational enterprises such as SIEMENS and SEW in Germany,Schneider in France and ABB in Switzerland,etc to make innovations in techical details of electric control and mechanical transmission and etc.
In the process of thoroughly executing the production,manufacture and inspection of quality,environment,occupational health of employees and security system,Henan Yuntian carries out all-around monitoring and inspection towards 130 main control nodes such as surface pretreatment of materal shot blasting, welding,geometrical size control and machinery fitting,etc.It sticks to the procedure of "three inspections",which are self-inspection,mutual inspection and special inspection.Meanwhile,it pays attention to the whole machine experiment after completion of production,and also keeps the production and inspection records of each arane so as to ensure the integrity of quality records.
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