Important notes during cantilever jib crane installation

  Cantilever/jib crane is a kind of lifting and transporting equipment with powerful ability, which is widely used in construction, transportation and other industries. However, no matter how light a cantilever/jib crane is, it is weighted by tonnage, and an accident is really serious. In order to ensure the safety of everyone, the cantilever crane must be careful when installing, because every screw and every part will affect the normal construction in the future. So, what problems should we pay attention to when installing a cantilever/jib crane?

Jib crane


1. When installing a cantilever/jib crane, you must confirm that the column is installed vertically, and the vertical degree should be checked from different directions. The floor must be level and free of debris. If the tiled floor is paved, a suitable pad must be added to increase the friction with the floor.


2. The cantilever/jib crane is a behemoth composed of a huge steel structure. When installing it, it is necessary to ensure its stability and its quality must pass. Do not start the installation when the strength of the concrete is unstable for the construction period. , Because the load of the cantilever crane may exceed the limit of the ground stress, eventually leading to unfortunate concrete and collapse, tipping and other unfortunate accidents.

When installing a cantilever crane, the construction unit first needs to determine whether the endurance of this place has met the requirements. When using reinforced concrete to strengthen the column, the foundation must be prepared to secure the column of the cantilever crane on the pile to ensure that the cantilever/jib crane can be used safely later.


3. The nut of the fixed wire cylinder must be tightened. The commonly used hook wrench cannot reach the force. It is recommended to lengthen a round pipe in front of the hook wrench. Always check whether the nut is loose during lifting. The installation position of the rotating arm on the column cannot be too high or too low. If it is too high or too low, the bearing capacity of the column will be reduced, which will cause an inverted bar. The angle between the inclined arm and the column is preferably within 45 degrees. The larger the angle, the larger the arm, and the higher the load of the column. The swivel arm is sleeved on the upright post. It should be ensured that the swivel is flexible and can be properly greased. If the pole is deformed, it should be replaced as soon as possible.


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