Working principle of Fixed-column cantilever cranes


 Fixed-column cantilever cranes are also called fixed-column cantilever cranes. They are lightweight lifting equipment and are widely used in warehouses to transport goods. Fixed column cantilever cranes can be generally divided into two types: inner hanging rail cranes and outer hanging rail cranes. For different customers, you can choose a fixed-column cantilever crane that suits you according to your actual needs. Then, before buying and using, let's understand the working principle of the fixed-column crane.


cantilever crane

    Fixed column cantilever cranes are generally suitable for short distances, frequent use, and intensive lifting operations. They have many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, labor saving, small footprint, etc., and are easy to operate and maintain. The electrical control box is installed on the chain hoist. It is said that the chain electric hoist generally has two states of lifting and reciprocating on the cross beam. The swing arm beam can be driven by the reducer on the turning device to rotate the roller.

As a light work-strength cantilever crane, it is mainly composed of a column, a slewing arm, slewing drive device and an electric hoist. The lower end of the column is firmly fixed to the concrete foundation by anchor bolts. The hoist moves in a straight line on the cantilever I-beam to lift heavy objects.

 electric chain hoist

What are the advantages of fixed column cantilever cranes? The fixed-column crane's swing arm is a hollow steel structure, which has the advantages of large span, large lifting weight, light weight, economy and durability. The built-in walking mechanism uses a special engineering plastic walking wheel with rolling bearings. The small friction force ensures that the walking is lighter; the small structure size is more conducive to improving the hook travel.


The above is the structural composition and working principle of fixed-column cantilever cranes. Fixed-column cantilever cranes are widely used in many factories and projects. Good manufacturers can guarantee the quality of cranes. Contact us now!



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