Security has been the most important issues of mining industry, especially for underground mining. Although modern mining is more secure than before, accidents happened frequent nowadays. With the gradually reduce of raw material resource, the effective extraction and processing of natural resources and the continuous operation with efficient work is more and more important.
Mining Industry
Mining Industry
Provide durable mine safe equipment for you
This crane adapts to the environment in factory that have explosive gas formed by inflammable gas, steam and air of which explosion proof grade is less than B grade or C grade and ignition group is more than T4(135DC) group. And the explosion proof electric hoist adapts to 1 area or 2 area, not 0 area.
0 area: under normal circumstances, the situation that explosive gas mixture appear continuously in a very short time or exist for a long time.
2 area: under normal circumstances, explosive gas mixture cannot appear. But under abnormal circumstances that equipment is out of order or misoperation takes place, the explosive gas mixture appears occasionally in a short time. QB explosive-proof crane, MZ grab crane and a variety of small- scale mining lifting equipment like electric chain hoist and electric winch are designed especially for mining. The hand operation hoist can be used in special dangerous environment places without electricity.
Automatic control functions make it simple and easy for crane operation. You can move the load to the final destination at any time. The crane includes protection components and operator’s protective device and other safety devices.


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Product: Overhead Crane Gantry Crane Port Crane Jib Crane Electric Hoist Spare Crane
Lifting Weight: 1-10t 10-20t 20-50t 100-300t 100-300t 300-600t >600t
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