Single girder crane operation precautions and electrical troubleshooting methods

 Single girder crane is one of the lifting equipment. When operating, pay attention to ensure that the equipment is complete to work, and no one is allowed to stand next to it. If the electrical appliances of the single girder crane fail, you can take the methods given below to check them one by one. Let ’s take a look at what I should pay attention to when operating a single girder crane, and how to troubleshoot a single girder crane.

  Precautions for single girder crane operation

  1. Before operating a single girder crane, you must check various lifting tools to ensure the integrity of the lifting tools. If the lifting tool is defective, it is impossible to carry out the crane work.

  2. Similarly, in a single girder crane, the condition of the rope must be checked. It must be confirmed that the rope is solid. Not loose or broken. If you are binding an edged object, you need to add a protective object between the object and the rope to prevent the rope from breaking.

  3.single girder cranes need to pay attention to find the center of gravity of the heavy object, and the phenomenon of oblique pulling cannot occur. The handling of special lifting items requires personnel to be operated from the side.

  4. Don't hurry when lifting objects. Be sure to wait for a while until the goods are stable before proceeding. Do not place debris on top of heavy objects, and do not allow people to stand. When lifting, no irrelevant personnel should pass under the object.

  5. Safety measures at work should be perfected. For example, workers should wear safety helmets and have unified command from professionals. All departments should coordinate their work. When the objects are off the ground, they need to check whether the wire rope and other components are safe. If it is not safe, stop and check.

  6. The use of single girder cranes must not allow lifting objects to stay in the air for a long time.

Single girder crane

  Single girder crane electrical troubleshooting method

  1. Resistance measurement method: In the case of power failure, use the electric block of the multimeter to measure whether the blocking of the electronic circuit is normal. Or the continuity of the electrical circuit, determine whether there is a fault, because the forward and reverse resistance of each electronic component is different. Any electrical component also has a certain resistance. The lines or switches connected to the gas components have resistance values of either zero or infinity, so you can judge the quality of electronic (gas) components by measuring their resistance value and on-off condition.

  2. Program inspection method: The single girder crane runs according to a certain program, especially the single girder crane controlled by the programmable controller. It has an independent control circuit for each link. The program check method is to confirm which control link the fault occurred in. Whether it is a lifting mechanism or an operating mechanism, minimize the scope of failure. Clearly clear the fault direction, this method is not only suitable for electric shock control systems.

  3. Short-circuit connection method: When a certain contact or some contact is suspected to be faulty somewhere. You can use wires to short-circuit some contacts and energize them to observe whether the fault disappears.

  4. Breaking method: Sometimes the single-girder crane control line may also have some special faults. The best way to find such faults is the power-off method. The suspected faulty contact is about to open. If the fault disappears, the judgment is correct.

  5. Potential measurement method: Under the condition of electricity, measure the potential of both ends of each electronic or electrical component to determine the fault location.

  6. Replacement method: When the fault is found from a contact or a circuit board according to the above method, remove the defective component or circuit board. Replace with a new component or circuit board if the fault disappears. The judgment is correct; otherwise, the search is continued.

  The above is the introduction of single girder crane operation precautions and electrical troubleshooting methods. I hope everyone understands the single girder crane operation precautions and electrical troubleshooting methods, and it will be helpful to everyone.



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