Use and maintenance of electric wire rope hoist

 electric wire rope hoist

1. The electric hoist newly installed after disassembly and inspection should first be run for empty carry several times. But before the installation is completed, do not try to turn on the power.

2. Before normal use, a static load test with a rated load of 125% and a lifting distance of about 100 mm from the ground for 10 minutes should be performed to check whether it is normal.

3. The dynamic load test is based on the rated load weight, repeated lifting and left-right movement tests. After the test, check whether the mechanical transmission part, electrical part and connection part are normal and reliable.


4. In use, it is absolutely forbidden to use in the environment that is not allowed, and under the rated load and the rated closing times per hour (120 times).


5. During installation, debugging and maintenance, it is necessary to strictly check whether the limit device is flexible and reliable. When the hook is raised to the upper limit position, the distance between the hook shell and the drum shell must be greater than 50mm (10t, 16t, 20t must be greater than 120mm). When the hook is lowered to the lower limit position, the wire rope safety ring on the drum should be guaranteed. The effective safety ring must be more than 2 turns.


6. It is not allowed to press two buttons that move the electric hoist in opposite directions at the same time.



7. After the work is completed, the main gate of the power supply must be opened to cut off the power supply.


8. The electric hoist should be operated by a special person. The operator should fully grasp the safety operation regulations.


9. In use, the electric hoist must be inspected regularly by specialized personnel, and measures should be taken in time to find faults, and carefully recorded.


10. When adjusting the brake slip of the electric hoist, ensure that the brake slip is S ≤ V / 100 under the rated load (V is the distance for stable lifting within the next minute of the load).


11. Wire rope scrapping standards: Inspection and scrapping standards for steel wire ropes are implemented in accordance with CB / T5972-1986 "Practical Code for Inspection and Scraping of Steel Wire Ropes for Lifting Machinery".


12. In the use of electric hoist, it is necessary to maintain sufficient lubricant, and keep the lubricant clean, and it should not contain impurities and dirt.


13. When using steel wire rope, you should use a hard brush or a small piece of wood. It is strictly forbidden to directly oil the working wire rope by hand.


14. When the electric hoist is not working, it is not allowed to suspend heavy objects in the air to prevent permanent deformation of the parts.


15. During use, if a fault is found, immediately cut off the main power.


16. Pay special attention to the wearing parts during use.


17.10 to 20 tons of hoist may automatically power off after a long period of continuous operation. This belongs to the motor's overheating protection function. At this time, it can be lowered. After a period of time, the motor can continue to work after it has cooled down.


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