How to maintain bridge cranes

Bridge cranes are widely used for lifting goods on different occasions. It is prohibited to use in flammable and explosive corrosive media environments. Yuntian Lifting introduces how to maintain and safely operate the Bridge crane.
How to maintain bridge cranes
1. Frequently check the temperature of the shell and bearing of the crane of the bridge crane, the noise and vibration of the motor for abnormal phenomena.
2. In the case of frequent starting of the crane, the ventilation cooling capacity is reduced due to the low speed and the current is large, and the temperature rise of the motor will increase rapidly. It should be noted that the temperature rise of the motor cannot exceed the upper limit specified in its manual. Adjust the brake according to the instructions of the motor instruction manual.
3. Under the condition that the crane is not used frequently and is in a sealed condition and the use environment is good, the lubricant in the gearbox of the crane needs to be replaced every six months. When the use environment is harsh, it needs to be replaced every quarter. If it is found that there is water in the tank or there is always foam on the oil surface and it is determined that the oil has deteriorated, you must immediately change the oil. When changing the oil, you must strictly replace the oil as specified in the instruction manual of the reduction box. Be sure to avoid mixing the oil. .
4. The daily maintenance of the reducer can be performed by referring to the instruction manual of the manufacturer, and the anchor bolts of the reducer must be checked frequently, and the connection must not be loose.
5. Maintenance and maintenance skills of crane hoisting unit: Observe the oil window of the reduction gearbox frequently to check whether the oil level of the lubricating oil is within the specified range. If it is lower than the prescribed oil level, it must be replenished in time.
6. Grease should be added to the bearing seat at both ends of the drum every two days. The surface of the drum and the wire rope should be greased according to the situation. (The rolling bearings of the fixed and movable pulley sets need to be replenished with grease every month!


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