How to maintain the portal crane

The portal crane bridge is a jib crane supported on the ground track or foundation by the legs on both sides. It has a track running on the ground, and a rail vehicle or other ground vehicle can pass below. A boom-type crane with a rotatable lifting device mounted on a portal frame. Yuntian Crane introduces the maintenance methods of the rack drive luffing drive device, hydraulic drive luffing drive device, operating mechanism and brake and other structural devices of the portal crane.
How to maintain the portal crane
1. The safety settings of the rack drive luffing drive of the portal crane should be sensitive and reliable. Because the rack is easy to wear during operation, it will cause shock during starting and braking. If the safety setting is unreliable, there will be a danger that the boom will fall over the stroke.
2. The hydraulic transmission luffing drive device of the portal crane has the characteristics of compact structure and can withstand bidirectional force, but its piston, cylinder and push rod have certain accuracy, and it is necessary to strengthen maintenance.
3. Use a torque wrench to install the connecting bolts, so that the pre-tightening force is more uniform. Since the portal crane is prone to vibration during operation, regularly check whether the bolts are loose.
4, the hydraulic drive of the brake should always check the amount of hydraulic oil, when insufficient, appropriate amount of supplement. To check whether there is any leakage of hydraulic oil or air entering the oil cylinder at the oil pipe joint, if there is air in the oil cylinder, it should be removed in time.
5. The operating mechanism and brake should be checked frequently, especially whether the brake brake electromagnet is stuck due to vibration, and whether the coil of the electromagnet is wet.
6. The type of hydraulic oil in the oil pump should be selected according to the regional temperature. In order to prevent the air pump from sucking air during work, check and discharge frequently.
7. Due to the self-heavy weight of the portal crane, the bearing of the balanced trolley should be added with calcium-based grease once a week to ensure that the friction surface does not appear dry friction.


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