National Technical Committee for Hoisting and Standardizing Bridge and Gantry Cranes Held in Foshan

From December 11th to 13th, 2019, the 3rd Second Enlarged Meeting of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Crane Machinery Bridge and Gantry Crane Sub-Committee was held in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Representatives and Secretariat staff, a total of 65 representatives.
China's gantry cranes have achieved remarkable results in domestic and international standardization work. They have played a huge role in improving the quality and intrinsic safety of gantry cranes in our country, promoting technological progress, supporting the supervision of special equipment, and facilitating crane international trade. However, there are also insufficient standards systems; standards are not advanced enough, and standards such as safety evaluation, intelligence, green, and component reliability are seriously lacking; research on the use of standards in countries along the “Belt and Road” is inadequate; and evaluation of standards implementation is insufficient. Problems need to be addressed in future standardization work. All members and experts must have a higher standing position, stand at a new starting point, expand new ideas in accordance with new requirements, seek for the situation, move with the situation, focus on the future, overcome difficulties, and continue to promote the standardization of bridge crane Development, contribute strength and wisdom.
The Bid Committee also pointed out that it is necessary to increase the research on the use of standards by the countries along the “Belt and Road” to help guide domestic enterprises towards the “Belt and Road” countries.
As Henan Yuntian Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd., which designs and produces lifting safety products, we will continue to pay attention to the changes in product standards and policies of customers in different regions, and serve the requirements of lifting customers in different fields in different fields.


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