How to Choose A Overhead Crane?

With the development of crane, all kinds of overhead cranes would be used in more and more industries, such as single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, But, do you know to choose the best-matched cranes? Here, let me introduce some instructions.
How to Choose A Overhead Crane?
Step 1: make clear the application environment
You need to know where the crane is used, workshop, open pit, subway construction, steel or iron factory, etc. You must make this clean, then you can choose the suitable cranes.
Step 2: take a look at the specifications
Specification is very important! After you make clear the application environment, you need to know the crane specifications to make sure if the crane is fit for the application environment. These specifications include span, lifting height, lifting weight, lifting speed, hoist travelling speed, working class, working voltage, ambient Temperature, crane travelling speed, total weight, rail recommended  mode, total motor power, main dimension, rail top to crane top, rail top to hook center, crane base distance, crane width, hook left limitation, hook right limitation, etc.
Step 3: pay more attention the parts
There are various parts in the overhead, and they are important. You need to check if the parts are completed, check if the parts size is suitable, and check if the mark is clear, etc. Detail is important.
Step 4: focus on the brand
Yes, the most important thing to choose an overhead to choose the brand. A good brand means good overhead crane quality and good service. Yuntian Crane Group mainly deals in researching, developing and producing the lifting machinery, such as overhead crane, gantry crane, port crane, hoist, work platform, and various parts of cranes.


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