Yuntian Crane | Welcome To Visit Us At Con- Expo Bangladesh Oct 25-27th

Welcome to Visit Us at Con- expo Bangladesh Oct 25-27th
Expo: Con-expo Bangladesh 2018
Time: 25 - 27th, October, 2018
Location: International convention city Bashundhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tel: +86-373-3055523
Welcome to Visit Us at Con- expo Oct 25-27th
What Product For Exhibition?
1.Overhead Crane
2. Gantry Crane
3. Electric Hoist
4. RTG Crane
5. RMG Crane
6. Container Crane
7. Port Crane
8. Jib Crane
9. Project Crane
10. Smart Car Parking System
11. Mining Machinery
12. Other heavy machinery
What Fields Our Product For?
Yuntain Cranes and Equipment can be used for the fields of Machine Maintenance, Workshop, Production Line, Warehouse, Stone Processing Factory, Electric Power Plant, Steel Plant, Metallurgy, Bulk Material Handling, Container Yard, Ware and Harbor, Ship Loading and Unload, Shipbuilding, Paper-marking, Car Parking, Hydraulic Engineering, Road/Highway/Railway/Metro Construction, Aerospace and Military ,Industry,etc.
Welcome To Be Our Agent In Bangladesh
Great opportunity for you to represent Yuntian in Bangladesh and share the benefits of our product and services. Welcome to be our Agent in Bangladesh.
Who Can Be An Agent?
1. Business man or company from Bangladesh
2. Who engaged in cranes or machinery
3. Who love crane industry and its sales
4. Who have mature sales team and ambition to develop the local market
5. Who have the ability to handle the entire sales and related jobs



We will reply you in 24 hours.

Product: Overhead Crane Gantry Crane Port Crane Jib Crane Electric Hoist Spare Crane
Lifting Weight: 1-10t 10-20t 20-50t 100-300t 100-300t 300-600t >600t
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