Installation for 2 sets 130t/32t-span28.5m european double girder overhead crane for power plant

In April 2019. Our company  cooperation with the Nanyang power plant. Before that according to the customer's detailed requirements, we built a technical team in order to satisfied customer's technology requests for performance, structure, design, function, and installation offer the best solution. Finally, in May, we start to manufacture the 130t/32t-span 28.5m European double girder overhead crane.

During the installation of the steam turbine generator set, the two cranes lifted the generator stator with a weight of 410t in the specified area (excluding the cooler, excluding the poles and ropes for lifting the stator). The load design of the crane girders should ensure that the generator stator can be lifted during installation and the load capacity of the girders is reinforced to 245t.
The main hook and the auxiliary hook of the crane can work at the same time, and the auxiliary hook should be able to tilt or flip the lifting member in cooperation with the main hook, and the main and auxiliary hooks are on the same straight line in the side view. Main and auxiliary hook bearings require imported products.
The crane's running mechanism and hoisting mechanism should adopt the variable frequency speed control system. We provide the actual operating experience of the variable frequency speed control system. The frequency converter uses ABB, ABM, Schneider, Siemens and other brands of the same grade.

Main hook: 130t, normal lifting speed 1.6m/min

Auxiliary hook: normal is 8.0m/min

Trolley traveling: normal 20m / min

Crane traveling: normal 30m/min

When the main and auxiliary hooks are continuously adjusted, the ratio of the continuous minimum frequency adjustment speed to the maximum frequency adjustment speed is about 1:15.

When the large and small cars are continuously adjusted, the ratio of the continuous minimum frequency adjustment speed to the maximum frequency adjustment speed is about 1:25.

There is a walkway outside the main beam, surrounded by protective railings (1.2 meters in height) and foot guards (performed according to GB4053.3<<Fixed Industrial Protective Railings). The driver's cab is located on the side of the A row (tentatively), and the outside has a double armrest inclined ladder leading to the walkway.

The welding form and size shall comply with the provisions of GB324-2008 "welding code" and GB986-88 "Basic form and size of manual arc welding joint". Parts that require on-site welding are welded on-site by the seller and provide welding inspection methods.

The materials of the bridge, trolley, hook, and accessories should be reasonably selected. The bridge structure adopts Q345-B or better materials so that it can meet the operation under various conditions. The material limit requirements are not less than the standards listed in clause 4.6. All materials should have a quality guarantee, test report, inspection record and certificate of conformity, otherwise, they should not be used.


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